Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get started?

Please contact us through our website’s contact us page or by email and be sure to include your location (exact address is preferable)  and the service you require (please be as detailed as possible – Ex:  20 minute walks for my senior pug 3x as week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays).


Once we have confirmed that we have a walker or pet sitter available in your area we will have the walker or pet sitter contact you directly to set up a meet and greet with you.


Once the meet and greet is set up with your walker/pet sitter please fill out our NEW CLIENT REGISTRATION FORM so that we can safely file your pets information. Your pet sitter will receive a copy of your registration form via email so that they have access to all of your emergency info, pet care instructions etc.

***NOTE – we require your registration form and all other necessary forms (ex: off leash waiver, medication form etc) prior to the service start date.


THE DAY OF YOUR MEET AND GREET– please supply your pet sitter with all the required information for your pets care including: location of leashes/food, keys, alarm code etc. If you have not filled out our registration form(s) yet please do so at your meet and greet (a friendly reminder that service will not be provided unless the registration form and/or waiver(s) are signed and returned to your pet sitter/walker). If your dog requires off leash walks, an off-leash waiver is required – all registration forms are found and completed online, on our website.


What forms of payment do you take?

We only accept email money transfers to

What Our Clients Are Saying

Beth walks my two dogs and I have the utmost trust in her! My girls love her and look forward to their time with Beth. I know she treats them like they are her own and it is wonderful to have the peace of mind that they are getting the attention they need when I’m busy. She posts updates from every walk, shares photos of their adventures and is so personable...I recommend Above & Beyond Petcare all the time!

~ Allison S.

Have Questions?

How do you determine which Sitter I get?

Your pet sitter/walker is chosen based on your location and availability. You are welcome to meet multiple sitters/walkers on our team if there is more than one pet sitter/walker available in your area.


Where do you walk my dog?

Our services are customized to meet you and your pet’s needs. We take your dog to the park that you are most comfortable with or around your neighbourhood – whichever you prefer!


When should we expect to be invoiced?

For all cat visits, pet-boarding and short term dog walking services we invoice our clients once the service has been completed. You will have 48 hours to pay the invoice via email money transfer once you receive your invoice.

For all ongoing dog walking services we invoice clients approximately a week before months end and our clients are only expected to pay on the last day of each month.


What is your cancellation policy?

As of March 1st 2022 we will require upfront payment only on a case by case basis and during holiday’s/busy seasons. We will inform you if upfront payment is required.
For dog walking services we require 48 hours advanced notice of cancellation otherwise you will be charged for the walk you booked. If there are multiple cancellations per month we may charge for future cancellations even with 48 hours notice. 

Boarding services:  A 50$ non-refundable deposit must be paid after you have secured boarding with us. 


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